20 Best Healthy Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes Ideas To Make Now

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Thanksgiving casserole recipes would make an excellent addition to your feast!


1. Grandma’s Cornbread Dressing

You will surely love this tasty casserole recipe. Include this in your recipe list especially if you are making cornbread.

Calories per serving: 236

Cornbread Dressing










Here is the recipe.

2. Creamy Parmesan Spinach Bake

Creamy, comforting side dish wonderfully rounds out any holiday dinner. Just a little of this rich casserole goes a long way.

Calories per serving: 196

Creamy Parmesan Spinach Bake

Here is the recipe.


3. Two-Bean Tomato Bake

Parmesan cheese, basil and garlic spice up this mouthwatering medley of beans, mushrooms, onion, and tomato. It’s even more flavorful when you use your garden harvest.

Calories per serving: 214

Here is the recipe.


4. Brussels Sprouts au Gratin

Brussels sprouts have always been popular. When topped them with a creamy sauce, Swiss cheese and bread crumbs, it became a new holiday dinner tradition.

Calories per serving: 183

Brussels Sprouts au Gratin

Here is the recipe.


5. Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Casserole

This comforting broccoli cheese casserole recipe is good for people who don’t usually like broccoli. It is similar to a classic green bean casserole, but the melted cheese just puts it over the top.

Calories per serving: 356

Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


6. Loaded Red Potato Casserole

This potato casserole has the same flavor of the potato skins you can order as a restaurant appetizer. It’s an ideal dish for tailgating and potlucks.

Calories per serving: 187

Loaded Red Potato Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


7. Maple Winter Squash Casserole

This scrumptious casserole combines pumpkin and two other kinds of squash in a creamy, savory mix. The recipe also would work with other squash combos or just one type instead of three. Have fun with it—you really can’t go wrong!

Calories per serving: 337

Maple Winter Squash Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


8. Aunt Margaret’s Sweet Potato Casserole

This thanksgiving casserole recipe is an incredibly sweet potato casserole for holiday dinners.

Calories per serving: 337

 Sweet Potato Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


9. Crumb-Topped Broccoli

This recipe has pleased just about everyone who has tried it, including some who said they didn’t like broccoli.

Calories per serving: 252

09_Crumb-Topped Broccoli Bake

Here is the recipe.


10. Creamy Carrot Casserole

This recipe is a wonderful way to use carrots during thanksgiving.

Calories per serving: 238

Creamy Carrot Casserole

Here is the recipe.


11. Cauliflower Casserole

Enjoy this casserole that leftovers are rare. Cauliflower can be dressed up by using a delightful mixture of a cheesy sauce, bright red and green pepper pieces and crushed cornflakes.

Calories per serving: 162

Cauliflower Casserole suggested for thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


12. New Orleans-Style Scalloped Corn

This colorful casserole is popular for family gatherings. Start making it this Thanksgiving!

Calories per serving: 194

New Orleans-Style Scalloped Corn

Here is the recipe.


13. Herbed Harvest Vegetable Casserole

This casserole will become one of your favorites. Try this and your family will surely love it!

Calories per serving: 206

Herbed Harvest Vegetable Casserole

Here is the recipe.


14. Potato Stuffing Casserole

This casserole is indicative of the fine German cooking. If you’re looking for an alternative to mashed potatoes, you may try this dish. Add this to you thanksgiving casserole recipes list.

Calories per serving: 258

Potato Stuffing Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


15. Potato and Chorizo Casserole

You will love the smoky flavor that the chorizo adds to this dish, but you can also make a version with Italian sausage and swapped out the Mexican-style cheeses for an Italian blend. Or you can use cream of mushroom soup and fresh mushrooms for a vegetarian option.

Calories per serving: 316

Potato and Chorizo Casserole as thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


16. Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole

This casserole goes together in minutes with canned sweet potatoes, which is ideal for the busy holiday season.

Calories per serving: 369

Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole

Here is the recipe.


17. Wild Rice Mushroom Bake

The wild rice adds a wonderful flavor to this casserole. Serve it on special occasions.

Calories per serving: 318

Wild Rice Mushroom Bake for thanksgiving dish

Here is the recipe.


18. Sausage & Crescent Roll Casserole

This casserole can be prepared ahead of time. You can make this tasty breakfast casserole with crescent rolls for other parties like baby shower, aside from thanksgiving.

Calories per serving: 283

Sausage and Crescent Roll Casserole










Here is the recipe.


19. Italian Sausage Casserole

The make-ahead convenience of this casserole recipe lets you relax with the family as the savory aroma fills the house during thanks.

Calories per serving: 329


Italian Sausage Casserole Make-Ahead Recipe

Here is the recipe.


20. Eggs Benedict Casserole

Here’s a casserole as tasty as eggs Benedict, but without the hassle. Simply assemble the ingredients ahead, and bake it the next morning for an elegant breakfast or brunch especially during thanksgiving.

Calories per serving: 286

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Here is the recipe.

These thanksgiving casserole recipes are prepared for you to choose from during Thanksgiving. Try any of these Thanksgiving recipes for an unforgettable holiday feast!

20 Best Healthy Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes Ideas To Make Now

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