Top 30 Amazing Superfoods To Help With Your Weight Loss
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Top 30 Amazing Superfoods To Help With Your Weight Loss

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Since the caveman days, humans have known that what they allow in their bodies will produce a reaction. That is why curative plants have always been cultivated food crops. The irony is this knowledge still does not stop us from eating potentially harmful foods.

Here is a list of 30 superfoods that help you lose weight and return to your former vibrant and healthy self.

1. Spinach   

Spinach is the lord of the green leafy family. It contains betaine and choline. These compounds work in tandem to switch off fat genes within the liver.

Reap the benefits: The taste of spinach does not inspire one to eat it. However, you can add it to your smoothies or steam some and add it to your meals.

Spinach contains betaine and choline that can help lose weight fast

2. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

A cup of sun-dried tomatoes gives you at least three-quarters of your daily requirement of potassium. They are also rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins C, A and K. Vitamin C. It is an outstanding antioxidant while potassium hastens your metabolism.

Reap the benefits: Snack away on them, add it to salads or to your pizza as a healthy topping.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is a whole food that contains high levels of soluble fiber. This helps to extract cholesterol from your body.

Reap the benefits: Do not freeze Broccoli as you will kill its anti-cancer properties. You can eat it raw as a salad or steam it gently.

Broccoli is a whole food that contains high levels of soluble fiber that can help lose weight fast

4. Cauliflower

It contains high levels of fibre which is good for the digestive tract. It also plays an important role in preventing obesity since it promotes fullness thus reducing calorie intake.

Reap the benefits: Grate it to replace rice or mash it to replace mashed potatoes. You can also bake it in the oven with olive oil and rosemary. Season it with black pepper and enjoy your wholesome treat.

5. Green Tea

Green tea helps to trim down your waist and also keep disease well away. It works by stirring up metabolism and quickening the release of fat from fat cells. In addition, it reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Reap the benefits: Drink it four hours after your last meal. Add fresh lemon juice to your green tea to retain the polyphenol antioxidants.

Green tea helps to lose weight fast and also keep disease well away

6. Maca

Another treat from Peru, maca is a root plant. It resembles a turnip and comes packed with amino acids as well as loads of nutrients. Maca contains some health properties that may have an impact on weight loss.

It has energizing effects which can spur movement and by extension, exercise.

Reap the benefits: It is easier to access powdered maca which is also easier to add to your food. It is a great addition to smoothies, puddings and fresh juices. Do not add maca to hot foods.

7. Avocado        

One of the properties that make avocado a superfood is that it promotes fullness. This effectively quashes any desire you have of snacking in between meals.

Reap the benefits: Avocado on toast or eggs is a great treat. 

Avocado promotes fullness and can helps lose weight fast

8. Bananas

Banana is the chocolate of the fruit family. It contains folate which works in tandem with serotonin aka the feel-good chemical to keep you smiling.

In addition, they have choline which is a vitamin B that doesn’t get along with fat. It works directly on the genes that allow fat to settle in your belly.

Reap the benefits: Eat it plain on the go or slathered on some almond butter. Another option is to add them to protein shakes.

9. Blueberries

Blueberries have properties that may help keep you slender. They assist in the burning of abdominal fat by provoking your get-slim genes into action.

Reap the benefits: Eat your blueberries frozen. They have more antioxidants than the fresh kind.

Blueberries assist in the burning of abdominal fat by provoking your get-slim genes into action to help lose weight fast

10. Strawberries

Imagine not only being able to burn fat but also preventing it from forming. That is what these sweet berries do for you. They come filled to the brim with polyphenols which are the superstars that are able to perform this feat for you.

Reap the benefits: Strawberries make the best snacks. Also, add them to fruit salads, yoghurt or oatmeal for a yummy breakfast.

11. Apples

Whoever coined up the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was on to something. Just one every day reduces your risk of coronary disease.

Moreover, apples help you to get rid of that infuriating pooch. They contain soluble fibre which helps in the reduction of visceral fat.

Reap the benefits: Take it as a snack. Butter it up with peanut butter or chop it up and throw into your breakfast cereal.

Apples contain soluble fibre which helps in the reduction of visceral fat and help lose weight fast

12. Guava

Guava makes you feel so full that you will be giving the office snacks the side-eye. It is also one of the superfoods for diabetics because it contains healthy amounts of vitamin C. In fact, it packs more vitamin C in one cup than an orange.

Reap the benefits: Bite into one or slice it up and enjoy. Add it to a fruit salad or make some detox water with strawberries. You can say your goodbyes to fizzy beverages now.

13. Grapefruit

Apart from smoothing down the wrinkles, grapefruits are no chums with belly fat. Just a half of this amazing fruit will:

  • Reduce cholesterol levels                                                         
  • Bring down visceral fat thus slimming down your silhouette

Reap the benefits: Have a grapefruit before breakfast every day. Add a few pieces to your salad too if you can.

Grapefruits help lose weight fast because they are no chums with belly fat

14. Lucuma

This is Peru’s sweet gift to the world. It is loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals as well as beta carotene. This is a flavonoid that contains antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Reap the benefits: You can make a smoothie with it or have it for dessert.

15. Grapes

Grapes contain an amazing antioxidant called resveratrol. It ensures that you are protected against cardiovascular disease.

They also contain low levels of calories and are fat-free. Moreover, they have healthy levels of anthocyanins which help control the genes that store fat.

Reap the benefits: You can eat them solo, add them to a fruit salad and also throw some into your yoghurt.

Grapes contain low levels of calories and are fat-free that helps lose weight fast

16. Coconut Oil

A study conducted on 40 women revealed that coconut oil did not directly cause weight loss. However, it significantly reduced belly fat.

Coconut oil contains triglycerides. When consumed, it is broken down at once which causes it to accelerate metabolism.

Reap the benefits: You can use it as a substitute for butter in your baking. You can also add coconut oil to all your meals.

17. Turmeric

Turmeric is the only edible food that provides curcumin which is the only phytochemical that is anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric helps to quash the growth of fat tissue.

Reap the benefits: Add it to all your meals including meat, fish and poultry dishes as a seasoning. It works best when added to cooked meals.

Turmeric helps to quash the growth of fat tissue and helps lose weight fast

18. Black Pepper

Pepper has been used for centuries to treat digestive complications and inflammation among other health issues. It contains piperine which is said to curtail the formation of new fat cells. This essentially explains how to lose belly fat.

Reap the benefits: Pepper is good on just about every meal. Sprinkle it liberally on your meals and enjoy the taste as well as the benefits.

19. Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants. They also contain healthy levels of unsaturated fats which stimulate the body to lose weight faster.

Reap the benefits: The oil is the most beneficial part of the walnut. Fry the nuts in a dry pan and eat as snacks. Also, use the oil as finishing oil on salad dressings as well as pasta dishes.

Walnuts contain healthy levels of unsaturated fats stimulate the body to lose weight faster

20. Chia Seeds and Flaxseed

These are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation. Chia reduces bad cholesterol and also protects the heart. Flaxseed helps to regulate blood pressure.

Reap the benefits: Consume them in their ground form. Add flaxseed to oats and baked foods. Add chia to salads, pancakes and desserts. Both are great in smoothies and cereals.

21. Pumpkin Seeds

One cupful of pumpkin seeds gives you more proteins than an egg. They help you feel full for a longer period and are high in fibre. They are therefore slow to digest.

Reap the benefits: Add them to salads, oats as well as yoghurt. You can also eat them as snacks.

Pumpkin seeds helps lose weight fast because they are slow to digest

22. Kidney Beans

Kidneys beans are also counted amongst the best weightloss superfoods. They are recommended for diabetics and they also treat weight-related illnesses. They contain a super fibre which takes ages to digest.

Reap the benefits: Eat a cupful of these beans every day. Dried ones are the better option as they are higher in fibre and show lower levels of the glycemic index.

23. Wild Salmon

These also contain high levels of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. They also boost circulation as well as raising the ratio of good versus bad cholesterol.

Reap the benefits: Go for organic salmon rather the farm-grown ones. The latter does not contain the same levels of nutrients as the former.

Salmon boosts circulation as well as raising the ration of good versus bad cholesterol

24. Lentils

Lentils are rich in folate. They also contain high fibre levels which means they fill you up. They also quicken fat burning and improve cholesterol.

Reap the benefits: you can eat lentils as a side, on their own or use them to make some delicious soups.

25. Matcha

The Japanese give you this super tea which is obtained from the tencha leaf. It contains the powerful catechin epigallocatechin gallate compound which promotes the breakdown of fat. It also prevents the generation of new fat cells particularly in the abdomen.

Reap the benefits: Grind the tea into a bright-green powder. Take it as a traditional tea like the Zen monks of yore. Alternatively, get with the times and have it in ice drinks, lattes and smoothies.

Matcha contains the powerful catechin epigallocatechin gallate compound which promotes the breakdown of fat

26. Teff

It is gluten-free and tastes like nuts. Its tiny self comes packed with Vitamin C which is rare in grains. It helps alleviate stress which can be hard on the belly.

Reap the benefits: While oatmeal is great, teff porridge is even better. Add apples and cinnamon and you have a delicious and wholesome breakfast.

27. Quinoa

It is free of gluten, has loads of proteins and is also packed with fibre, iron as well as potassium. It has satiating qualities that will help you reduce snacking time.

Reap the benefits: Add quinoa to salads and soups. Pop it like popcorn. Also, substitute breakfast cereals with it.

Quinua is one of the superfoods that has a satiating qualities that that will help you reduce snacking time

28. Oatmeal

It has high levels of fibre and is loaded with minerals. It also contains omega-3. It is digested slowly keeping you full for longer and your blood sugar levels regulated.

Reap the benefits: Combine oats with proteins or healthy fat. This helps to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.

29. Egg Plant

It is a low-carb food which is high in nutrients and low in calories. Eggplant is also a low-glycemic food that is rich in fibre.

Reap the benefits: It works well with meatless meals. It also adds flavour to pasta dishes as well as sandwiches and turkey burgers.

Eggplant is a low-carb food which is high in nutrients and low in calories

30. Watercress

On top of its weight loss befits, this vegetable contains anti-ageing properties. It reduces cholesterol thus aiding in weight loss.

Reap the benefits: Enjoy it as a cold-pressed juice or raw in sandwiches and salads.


When considering how to lose weight fast, incorporating superfoods for weight loss is a smart choice. The benefits of replacing unhealthy foods with these superfoods will soon be physically evident if you stick to your plan.

Good luck, I am sure you will do well. 

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